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The produce we have available for sale is largely dependent upon the season. The same is true for our beef. Here is some general information on both our produce and beef items. Contact us for specific details and watch our homepage for updates on produce availability during the growing season.


We know you're as hungry for "real home-grown" tomatoes as we are. In order to have tomatoes early in the year and to keep them producing well into the fall, we use a protected structure called a high tunnel. The high tunnel allows us to start our plants earlier and keep them producing longer, without the bland cardboard taste that greenhouse tomatoes are known for. We offer cherry, berry and traditional style tomatoes.

Sweet Corn

We like to call our sweet corn "candy on a cob". After you taste it, we think you'll agree it's the sweetest corn around. We plant newer corn varieties which are more flavorful and tender than the old fashioned Peaches and Cream hybrid corn. Because we plant at varying times in the spring, you can be assured of fresh corn throughout the summer.


Our Sweet Slice cucumbers have an almost melon flavor and they stay sweet even after they've reached large size. Great for vinegar soaked cucumbers and onions - just like grandma used to make.

Chillis and Peppers

We will have a large variety of green, red, yellow and orange peppers this year. We'll also have some exotic chili peppers. Great Salsa stuff to go with our tomatoes and sweet corn. Yum!!

Other Seasonal Produce
From time to time, we're able to offer other types of locally grown seasonal produce. 
Availability and selection varies based on what other local farmers have available.


As beef producers and former dairy owners, we know cattle! Our Angus beef is grain fed and hand raised on our farm. Tender, delicious and lean -- our customers come back again and again for this high quality beef. Processed in an USDA approved facility and packaged to your specifications -- it just doesn't get any better than this. We offer whole, half or quarter beef bundles. Not sure you can handle that much beef all at once? Team up with a friend and split a bundle.  

 Our beef quarters are really a half of a half instead of traditional quarters. So, instead of buying a front or back quarter, you actually receive beef from both the front and back. This means more variety for you! Learn more about our beef by checking out our beef information sheet.


Note: Prices are based on market price of beef at the time of sale and can include processing if you wish, or you may pay your processing separately.




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